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Updated 8/18/18

By making a purchase from me it means you have read and agree to my policies stated below.

Sales Policy: Our dachshunds are our 4 legged children. We love them very much. Their health and well being and those of their puppies are our highest priority.  We are NOT a puppy mill. We do not sell to puppy brokers EVER!   We are not "in business" to sell puppies to make money but instead to share the love of these beautiful, loving companions to families.  We only hope to recoup some of the time, effort and money it takes to maintain a healthy, happy pack. Puppies are hand raised from the day they are born in our home.  I feed a high quality all stage of life food called Victor Professional  with plenty of fresh water and treats as well as a wonderful supplement called NuVet. All our dogs are on this supplement including all our puppies.  This can get expensive but I feel it gives the babies a better start in life so they are healthy and happy. Please do not ask me to lower the price of our puppies.  I feel these are fair and reasonable fees for healthy puppies.    Prices are based on my opinion and are subject to change at my discretion.   All of our puppies are purebred and all litters are CKC and or AKC registered.  "Full" AKC rights are offered to approved breeders only. Otherwise AKC papers will be offered at a "pet limited" status.   You will be asked to sign a Spay/ Neuter Contract and have the puppy fixed before the age of one year old.  I reserve the right to refuse any sale at my discretion.  One of the perks I offer is when you buy a puppy from us, you get "me" which means at any time you have questions or concerns, I am just an email or phone call away even after you take your puppy home..  If at any time you do not want the dog, you can return it to me at no charge and I will find it a suitable home.
REFUND POLICY/ ALL SALES FINAL: I will do my best to insure all puppies are healthy and represented honestly.  We offer a one year health guarantee. Details are stated in our puppy contract which is located on our Downloadable Forms page. Please read the contract and expectation sheet before placing a deposit on a puppy.  While we do have registered miniature dachshunds, I can in no way guarantee the adult size of your puppy. Our adults range in size from 7 pounds to 14 pounds. I encourage you to also spend the time to look over your new puppy and get acquainted to make sure he or she meets the needs of your family.  If at any time you are not satisfied with the way a puppy looks or acts or you decide not to accept him/her and terminate the sale, that is perfectly okay. I do not refund the deposit if you change your mind however.   I do not sell puppies until they are fully weaned, eating puppy food  and I am confident they will be fine to transition to their new home. It is your responsibility to watch your puppy closely during the first 72 hours and take him/her to a licensed veterinarian.  If you feel your puppy is not adjusting, feel free to call or text me at 865-335-8573 with any questions or concerns.  I will be happy to help you. If at any time. you decide you do not want your puppy I can take him/her back with no questions asked but I cannot refund the purchase price.  Please do not take them to shelters at any point in their life. I will take him / her back and find a suitable home. 

ALLERGIES: It is a buyer's responsibility to insure family members are not allergic to Puppy PRIOR to deposit being place on a or purchasing a puppy. If a member of the buyer's immediate family is allergic to the purchased Puppy, and no longer able to care for the Puppy, We will not refund the purchase price but we will take the puppy back and try to rehome him/ her.  We will not reimburse buyer for any purchases related to the puppy including but not limited to, crate, toys, food, dishes, collars and or invisible fencing or supplies related to training or travel expenses. We are not responsible for any medical bills related to an allergic reaction to the puppy. 

SHIPPING/TRANSPORT: I do not ship puppies at any time for any reason. You can pick your new puppy up from my home or we can arrange to meet somewhere within a reasonable distance for convenience.  At times, we can also arrange to meet a few hours from our home if needed for a reasonable transport fee. (Must be arranged prior).   We are located approximately 17 miles Northeast of downtown Knoxville, TN. 

TERMS: Full payment in cash is expected upon pickup.  I do  not take checks at pickup.  Payment can be made thru Paypal, credit card or by check / money order for the deposit onlyPlease be prepared to pay for puppy at time of pickup with exact change as I usually don't have cash on me. 

SOLD PENDING PICK UP / DELIVERY: Deposits are accepted for puppies once they are born and I advertise them on my website or fb page.  Puppies will be available unless they have an "adopted",  "sale pending" or "deposit pending" in it's description on the for sale page / nursery page. Puppies are expected to be picked up within 72 hours of the ready date. unless prior arrangement has been made with me. Any puppy not picked up past the 72 hour time period and I have no contact from you could be put back up for sale and any deposit forfeited. We will not hold a puppy without a deposit for any reason. Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE! We will not know coat length until puppies are at least 3 weeks old. If you place a deposit on a puppy before the age of 3 weeks, it is with the understanding in may be either long or smooth coat.

DEPOSITS:  We accept $200 nonrefundable deposits for puppies to hold until they are weaned and ready to go to your home. Deposits will only be refunded if something happens to the puppy while in my care. Deposits are transferable to another litter if dam does not have puppy requested.  Deposits are accepted by Paypal, credit card, check or money order (mailed same day you talk to me). Again, Deposits are non refundable if you change your mind and do not want the puppy. Please be sure of your decision before you send me a deposit!

OTHER ANIMALS FOR SALE: The above sales policy /terms apply for any animal sold by Whispering Pines Farm.   I reserve the right to change Policy or Prices at any time. I reserve the right to keep any animal and cancel the sale (returning any deposits given).

By making a purchase from me it means you have read and agree to my sales policies stated above. 
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