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About Our Deposit Holder's Wait List

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Our Puppies are Worth the Wait

"Good things come to those who wait"

We realize in this day and age people are accustomed to getting what they want almost immediately.  However, when it comes to adding a furry member to your family for 15 years or more, it just makes sense to entrust a professional.  


Our puppies are in high demand for good reasons.  If you have any doubts, our reviews speak for themselves!   We strive to produce high quality well rounded puppies that are exceptional in every way!


We take our "cradle to grave" responsibility to each and every puppy we produce very seriously.  Therefore, ALL our puppies get placed in carefully selected and approved homes exclusively through our Deposit Holders Wait List.  Our Puppy Application must be completed and submitted to begin the process to get on our waiting list.  Our wait list does require a $200 non refundable deposit.  The deposit does apply to the total cost of your puppy.

**Important update**

I have made the tough decision to close my waitlist.  Everyone who is on the wait list currently will of course remain my priority and all puppies will be placed from the wait list.  Deposit holders will remain on the wait list in the order of where they are currently and receive contact from us when we have a puppy that meets their preferences.  Once everyone on my list gets taken care of, I will only keep a waiting list of 20 families. This will help my stress level and make my wait list a lot more manageable. Thank you for your understanding!

Our Wait List is currently closed.

How can you add one of our puppies to your family? It's as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Fill out our Puppy Application (currently closed)

2. Place the $200 deposit (after approval).

3. Wait for our call when a puppy is available that meets your specifications.

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Our Deposit Holders Wait List

**A note to our current Deposit Holders**
If you have been on our wait list for a while and want to know where you are in line for a puppy, please send me an email.

The color/pattern/coat/gender that you listed as your preferences on they puppy application you submitted is what we go by when we are making calls and emails to place puppies. It is very important you inform us on all your preferences. We don't want to overlook anyone. The deposit holders list is an excel spreadsheet and we sort it by what we have available.   If you need to change or add to your preferences, please email me so we can update your information. We try to be as accurate and fair as we can on who and when we contact you.
If you are in doubt, please email me so that we can be sure.


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